Can drinking relieve a cold?

Nowadays, when people celebrate the Chinese New Year and get together with friends, they basically drink alcohol. However, we should pay attention to the need for moderate drinking, never excessive drinking, and never excessive drinking, otherwise it will seriously endanger your health. Cold can be regarded as the most common disease, and many people want to know if drinking can solve cold.

Drinking can’t solve a cold. Many people think that drinking can make people feel hot and speed up blood circulation, so it can relieve cold symptoms. But this idea is completely wrong. Drinking alcohol has no positive effect on colds, but is harmful to health.

Generally, when you have a cold, your body is weaker than usual, and all functions of your body are weakened. If you drink alcohol when you have a cold, it will increase the burden on your liver, and it will hurt your liver more than usual. It is also easy to cause the cold to get worse, so it is best not to drink when you have a cold.

If you have a cold, you need to have a full rest and choose to eat easily digestible food. Patients should drink plenty of water, which will help relieve throat discomfort. In addition, when the symptoms of cold are serious, people should take drugs. If you have a fever while catching a cold, you should choose the cooling method according to the specific body temperature. If you have a high fever, you must seek medical attention in time.

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