Can e really go to scar?

Scar is as terrible as a beast of prey to friends who love beauty. Therefore, they don’t allow scars on their bodies, and they have been actively looking for the best way to cure scars. With the progress of the times, there are more and more means to remove scars. So, can the commonly used vitamin E really remove scars?

In fact, vitamin E can really fade scars, and vitamin E has antioxidant effect, which can delay the aging of cells due to oxidation, so it can effectively fade scars. However, it is very difficult to treat too deep scars if only vitamin E is used, and the desalination function of vitamin E is not enough to remove too deep scars. There are many ways to remove large scars in medical treatment, such as scar resection, Z-plasty, plastic surgery and skin grafting. However, surgical scar removal will have certain side effects, such as skin redness, skin allergy, etc. Therefore, friends who have to undergo surgical treatment must take good care after surgery.

In fact, vitamin E has many functions. Apart from lightening scars, it also has many functions such as preventing blood coagulation, relieving fatigue, supplying oxygen to the body, delaying cell aging and relieving leg cramps. In addition, vitamin E can be used together with cream to keep moisture, and can also be used together with shampoo to reflect its hair care function. Therefore, it is really a nutrient that has a great positive effect on human beings.

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