Can early pregnancy hurt around navel?

For pregnant women, successful pregnancy preparation is a happy thing, which indicates that a new life is being conceived. Of course, just pregnant, that is, early, this time need to be careful. In addition to being careful, pregnant women need to be mentally prepared for some uncomfortable symptoms during this period. So, will it hurt around the navel in early pregnancy?

In early pregnancy, there is generally no pain around the navel. After all, at this time, the gestational sac is still very small, and the abdomen of pregnant women will not change significantly, let alone bulge. In the second trimester of pregnancy, some pregnant women may feel pain around the navel, which is related to fetal development, but the pain should not be obvious.

Early pregnancy, this is the beginning of pregnancy. Pregnant women will have early pregnancy reaction during this period, which is still very uncomfortable and hard. Early pregnancy must pay attention to adjust the mood of pregnant women, and be positive in mood. At the same time, from this time on, we should pay attention to enhancing nutrition and protecting them.

Early pregnant women must protect their babies and don’t wear high heels. At the same time, we should also protect ourselves, such as protecting ourselves from illness. If it is a cold season or a high incidence of infectious diseases, remember to wear a mask when going out. Try not to get sick, which is still very important in the early pregnancy, so as to prevent the pregnant women from taking drugs.

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