Can eczema be wiped with alcohol?

The incidence of eczema is very high, and it is divided into different types. After suffering from eczema, people will not only have a small rash on their skin, but also have itching symptoms. When suffering from eczema, everyone should pay attention to it, and it is best to treat it in time. So, can eczema be wiped with alcohol?

After suffering from eczema, you can’t wipe it with alcohol. This is because alcohol is more irritating, and if it is used to wipe eczema, it will easily stimulate eczema, which not only has no therapeutic effect, but also easily aggravates the disease, so don’t wipe it with alcohol.

There are many drugs to treat eczema now, so you can ask a doctor to prescribe them. Eczema usually causes itching, so don’t scratch it with your hands to avoid skin infection. Patients can use antipruritic drugs, but most drugs for eczema have antipruritic effect.

Eczema should not only be treated actively, but also be cared for. Usually, the affected part should be kept as dry as possible, so as to avoid staying in wet environment for too long. When cleaning the affected area, the water temperature should not be too high, otherwise the itching will be aggravated. In addition, eczema patients need to pay attention to their diet, avoid eating many foods, eat lightly, and avoid spicy and irritating foods, such as pepper, mustard and ginger and garlic, so as not to irritate the affected parts.

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