Can endocrine disorder cause constipation?

When the secretion in the human body is out of balance, it will not only endanger the health, but also have a certain impact on the stomach. At this time, some patients will ask whether endocrine disorders can cause constipation. Let’s take a look at it together!

Endocrine disorder is one of the important causes of constipation. In this state, endocrine disorders such as hypopituitarism, hypothyroidism and diabetes will not only cause dehydration, hypercalcemia and cytoma, but also induce constipation. Therefore, patients should pay special attention to this point.

Endocrine disorders can also cause the following symptoms.

1. Excessive body hair. When the secretion in the human body is out of balance, the secretion of male hormones will flourish, which will not only affect one’s own body organs, but also induce the symptoms of hirsutism.

2. Breast diseases. When women have endocrine disorders, they are likely to induce hyperplasia of mammary glands, breast pain, hyperplasia of mammary glands or breast cancer.

3, grumpy. Many women have abnormal endocrine function in a certain period of time. In this state, it is easy to have the problems of temper becoming violent and emotional changes.

4. Gynecological diseases. Gynecological endocrine disorders can easily cause irregular menstruation, endometriosis, irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea.

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