Can external application of vitamin E remove scar?

Vitamin E is very popular in life recently. People will choose to use it to prevent aging and remove acne marks, and it can be taken orally or externally. It has a great effect, and it also has the function of whitening skin. So, can applying vitamin E externally remove scar?

Choosing vitamin E to get rid of scars depends on the causes of scars. If it is some ordinary scars, it can be removed. It can increase the color of scar skin and make them recover elasticity. If it is some burns, scalds, surgical scars, vitamin E will not be effective. For some simple scars, the use of vitamin E also needs to be persisted for a long time, and the ideal effect cannot be achieved in a period of time.

When using vitamin E to smear scars, you must choose some natural vitamins. Such vitamins have a good effect on skin. When using, just apply the liquid of vitamin E to the scar and gently massage until it is absorbed. When you use vitamins, you should stick to them sooner or later. If you use them together with the vice chairman, the effect will be more obvious.

For some simple scars, we need to pay attention to sun protection, especially when the sun is intense in summer. Before going out, we need to apply sunscreen products to prevent melanin accumulation and protect our skin in time and effectively.

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