Can hepatitis B cause abdominal distension?

The diagnosis of hepatitis B is mainly based on the detection of chronic hepatitis B virus, and the detection result is positive. Judging from the course of disease, the course of hepatitis B is still relatively long, generally more than half a year. There are many abnormal symptoms in patients with hepatitis B, but it is unclear whether there is any relationship between hepatitis B and bloating. So, can hepatitis B cause abdominal distention?

Hepatitis B can cause many abnormal symptoms, such as pain, fatigue and nausea in the liver area. Among these symptoms, abdominal distension is also one of them, so hepatitis B can cause abdominal distension. After all, the liver of patients with hepatitis B has been damaged, so the probability of stomach swelling is still relatively high, and other factors cannot be ruled out.

The intestinal wall blood circulation of patients with hepatitis B will have certain obstacles, which will have a certain impact on the absorption of gas in the intestinal cavity. In addition, the intestinal peristalsis function of some patients has been affected, which leads to that the gas in the intestinal cavity cannot be discharged out of the body, so that the patients will feel bloated.

In addition, fermented food can also cause bloating, which is because the damage of stem cells affects the secretion of bile. Generally speaking, abdominal distension is related to intestinal diseases to some extent, so patients with hepatitis B found abnormal abdominal distension, which cannot be simply considered to be caused by the influence of hepatitis B, or need further examination.

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