Can hepatitis B cause eyelid swelling?

Hepatitis B is a serious disease, which will cause great harm to the liver. Therefore, when suffering from hepatitis B, patients must receive treatment. It is best not to listen to any remedies, but to adopt scientific treatment methods, so as to control the disease in time. So, will suffering from hepatitis B cause swollen eyelids?

When suffering from hepatitis B, basically there will be no symptoms of swollen eyelids. Usually, when suffering from hepatitis B, patients will have symptoms such as loss of appetite, bloating and yellow urine. Many patients will have oil-weariness, nausea and vomiting, and will feel discomfort in the upper right abdomen.

Hepatitis B is likely to develop into liver cirrhosis, and in the late stage of liver cirrhosis, patients will have ascites symptoms, which will lead to leg swelling and face swelling, but this will not cause simple eyelid swelling. If hepatitis B patients find that they have swollen eyelids, it is probably caused by eye diseases, which has nothing to do with hepatitis B..

When the symptoms of eyelid swelling appear, if they do not disappear after a few days, they should go to the hospital for examination, which may be caused by eye diseases, such as hordeolum. If the eyelids are swollen and there are symptoms such as redness and dryness of the eyes, it is usually conjunctivitis. After the doctor’s examination, he will give proper treatment and prescribe some medicines, such as eye drops. According to the doctor’s advice, you can usually get better within a week.

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