Can hepatitis B cause fever?

Many patients with hepatitis B often have fever in clinic, which not only makes many patients have such questions: Will hepatitis B cause fever? What are the symptoms of hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is a stubborn disease with many inducing factors and many symptoms. Fever is indeed one of the common symptoms of hepatitis B.

Patients with hepatitis B have fever because the liver is affected by hepatitis B virus, which leads to decreased immunity. On the one hand, the temperature control center is stimulated, which leads to fever; On the other hand, the reason is that the invasion of external viruses reduces the resistance to it. Fever is a symptom caused by hepatitis B in any way. Therefore, fever is a common symptom of hepatitis B.

If hepatitis B patients have fever symptoms, do not abuse antipyretics without permission before finding out the cause. Abuse of antipyretics will lower body temperature, change the heat type and special symptoms of primary diseases, and thus bring difficulties to diagnosis and differential diagnosis. Especially some diseases, due to sudden drop of body temperature, will be accompanied by sweating, collapse, and even drop of blood pressure. Be sure to go to a qualified regular specialist hospital in time to prevent the occurrence of chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis according to the doctor’s opinion.

What are the symptoms of hepatitis B?

Besides fever, hepatitis B patients may also cause other symptoms.

1. In some cases, liver diseases may occur, which are characterized by dull skin color, yellowish brown, dull, rough lips, dark purple, etc.

2. Some may also cause facial telangiectasia and liver palm, and some patients may also have splenomegaly.

3. Yellow staining of sclera or skin is also a symptom of hepatitis B, which appears later than digestive tract symptoms.

4. Slightly enlarged liver, or tenderness and percussion pain.

The common symptoms of hepatitis B are introduced above. Experts remind hepatitis B patients that active and scientific treatment is the key to hepatitis B treatment. Even hepatitis B carriers who do not need treatment should have regular physical examination in order to understand their physical changes and make corresponding countermeasures in time.

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