Can hepatitis B cause obesity?

Obesity is a problem that many people encounter. If they are overweight, they will increase the chances of suffering from hypertension and diabetes, so we should control their weight. When suffering from hepatitis B, we should treat it in time, and we must try our best to control the disease. So, will hepatitis B cause obesity?

Hepatitis B does not cause obesity, so there is no relationship between them. Obesity in hepatitis B patients is usually caused by eating too many foods with high sugar, high calorie and high protein. Especially if you don’t exercise too much at ordinary times and don’t control your diet, you will be prone to obesity.

If hepatitis B patients are obese, they should pay attention to exclude other diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension and hypothyroidism. So go to the hospital for a check-up, so you can know if you have the above diseases. If no disease is found, everyone can rest assured.

Obese hepatitis B patients should lose weight and try to control their weight within the normal range. Everyone should control their diet and strengthen physical exercise, such as running and playing basketball. The weight loss effect is very good. Because obese patients with hepatitis B are prone to fatty liver, it is very necessary for them to lose weight. If hepatitis B is complicated with fatty liver, the damage to liver will be further aggravated.

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