Can hepatitis B cause skin itching?

Hepatitis B is a serious liver disease. After suffering from hepatitis B, it cannot be completely cured. Patients need to take drugs to control their illness. If hepatitis B is not treated in time, the disease will develop rapidly and even turn into cirrhosis and liver cancer. So, can hepatitis B cause skin itching?

When suffering from hepatitis B, it may cause skin pruritus symptoms. But not all patients with hepatitis B will have itchy skin. If skin pruritus is serious, you can apply some drugs for external use and wear pure cotton underwear.

The reason why patients with hepatitis B feel itchy skin is that after the virus invades the liver, it will cause serious damage to the liver, which in turn will reduce the liver function, and also make the liver metabolism function appear disorder. At this time, bilirubin in the liver will have the symptoms of poor accumulation and discharge, and then flow back into the blood.

Bilirubin can be distributed to the surface of skin along with the flow of blood. If bile salt in bilirubin is deposited on the skin, it will cause some irritation to the skin, so there will be symptoms of itchy skin. After patients take drugs to control hepatitis B, itching symptoms can be alleviated. We should pay attention to the fact that the skin pruritus of hepatitis B patients is serious, which means that the disease is not well controlled to a certain extent.

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