Can hepatitis B get married?

I believe everyone is afraid of hepatitis B, which does great harm to the liver. Moreover, hepatitis B is not only contagious, but also cannot be completely cured. If you find yourself suffering from hepatitis B, you must take immediate treatment measures, which can delay the development of the disease. So, can I get married if I have hepatitis B?

Patients with hepatitis B can get married, but the other party must be vaccinated against hepatitis B, which can avoid transmitting hepatitis B to the other half. Although hepatitis B can be transmitted from mother to child, it will not be transmitted to children when men suffer from hepatitis B, so long as they are vaccinated regularly.

If a woman suffers from hepatitis B, she should pay special attention to it when she is pregnant after marriage, because it may be transmitted to children, such as postpartum infection, intrauterine infection and perinatal infection. Therefore, blocking treatment must be carried out during pregnancy, which can prevent the baby from getting sick.

After giving birth to a baby, women with hepatitis B should be vaccinated with hepatitis B vaccine and injected with hepatitis B immunoglobulin. After the baby is born for 6 months, the injection of hepatitis B vaccine is completely over, so parents need to wait for a month before taking their children to the hospital for antibody examination. If your baby has antibodies in his body, he can be immune to hepatitis B virus. At this time, parents don’t have to worry about transmitting hepatitis B to his baby.

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