Can hepatitis B surface antigen be positive and negative?

Patient’s gender: female
Patient’s age: 64
Problem description: In the past eight years, my mother had been found to be positive for hepatitis B surface antigen, but all the other four items were negative, and all the liver functions were normal.
In 2005, I had rhinitis surgery in the hospital. When I checked my blood, I found that the HBsAg and other four items were negative. When I checked my body at the end of 2008, the HBsAg was also negative, and my liver function was normal.
I would like to ask experts, is this item normal? ? Is it turning cloudy normally? If it is turning cloudy, will it stop infecting others? thank you !

Supplementary note: Can positive HBsAg turn negative?

Hello, it is easy to detect in the serum of hepatitis B virus carriers. The surface antigen is the outer membrane component of the virus, and the E antigen is the core antigen. Among hepatitis B virus carriers, the E antigen is easy to turn negative, while the surface antigen is difficult to turn negative and takes a long time. Normal turning negative means that hepatitis B is completely cured without any infectivity, but the probability is not higher. If turning negative means that hepatitis B is completely cured, it is suggested that antibodies can be produced after vaccination

“Etiology: After hepatitis B small Sanyang virus infects the body, it generally lives in blood, saliva, pudendal secretion, breast milk, semen, etc. Introduction: If the DNA test of “Xiao Sanyang” is negative, and the liver function B and Super is normal for a long time, it means that the virus has not replicated and is non-infectious, so there is no need for isolation and treatment
. Suggestions: Pay attention to the balance of diet, keep a good mood, and take proper exercise “/br/]

There is no specific medicine for treating hepatitis B by western medicine at present, and traditional Chinese medicine used in Chinese medicine has very unique curative effect. Many patients do not recur after being cured, so it is recommended that you use traditional Chinese medicines such as toosendan, bergamot, Atractylodes macrocephala, oak in August, xylostella, tortoise shell, white peony root, Hainan Shen, Korean ginseng, Alisma orientale, scutellaria baicalensis, Wushu powder, Poria, Bupleurum chinense, refined gold powder, white granulated sugar, honey and bitter bile of pigs. These traditional Chinese medicines have the effects of soothing the liver, regulating qi, nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen, which can be turned negative regardless of the big three Yang and the small three Yang, especially the unique curative effect of eliminating hepatitis B virus. These drugs can fundamentally change the immune tolerance state of the patient’s body and virus coexisting peacefully, activate the patient’s immune response, rebuild the active immune function of the liver, promote the “immune tolerance” to be broken, restore or enhance the anti-virus ability of the body’s immune system, actively eliminate and strip the hepatitis B virus, and finally lead the patient to the road of rapid rehabilitation.
Suggestions: I hope you can treat it correctly and recover soon!

What does HBsAg positive mean? HBsAg is the outer shell of hepatitis B virus, which plays a protective role on DNA of hepatitis B virus. When hepatitis B surface antigen is found in human body, it can only show that there is hepatitis B virus shell in human body, but whether there is hepatitis B virus deoxyribonucleic acid in the shell should be determined by Photo-conductive Relay. Several cases of HBsAg positive: First, HBsAg positive, HBV DNA1000, indicating that there is a complete HBV in the body, which is reproducible and infectious, and the infectivity depends on the amount of HBV DNA

Hello, there is no specific method to turn HBV negative at present. Further examination of liver function and HBV gene is needed to determine whether treatment is needed
If liver function examination is normal, no treatment is needed. If transaminase of liver function test is more than 2 times of normal value and HBV gene is more than 10 to the 5th power, it is necessary to take active antiviral treatment and pay attention to rest at ordinary times. Taboo and irritating food. Quitting smoking and drinking. Regular reexamination

Now, your best way is to continue the antiviral treatment with Adefovir Capsule
. Don’t take it for granted that strengthening antiviral treatment, such as interferon injection or combination therapy with other drugs, or adding more doses, is not desirable, which may be counterproductive and destroy the good immune response status today. If economy permits, it is recommended to continue taking adefovir capsules for a long time.

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