Can hernia surgery leave scars?

Hernia is a very common disease. Once it is found, it must be treated actively. Patients need not worry that suffering from hernia will lead to death. Moreover, hernia mainly occurs in elderly men, so men usually need to exercise more and pay attention to diet, which is beneficial to their health and reduces the probability of getting sick. However, some people want to know, will there be scars after hernia surgery?

If the elderly have hernia surgery, they will usually leave scars. After all, when people are old, their physical functions will decline to some extent, which will not make scars disappear. However, if a child has hernia surgery, the scar on his body will probably disappear. After all, the child’s body’s ability to repair is in a prosperous period. In fact, the so-called hernia means that the organs in the abdominal cavity or chest cavity of people’s body run from the original position to the outside of the abdominal cavity or chest cavity, which leads to physical discomfort and easily leads to bad emotions.

Moreover, when people find that they are uncomfortable and have a bad temper, they should touch their bodies when they stand, find out if there are any protrusions, and then lie flat on the bed, and find out if there are any protrusions on their bodies, which can help them to confirm whether they have hernia problems. If there are these conditions, go to the hospital for in-depth examination, and make sure it is hernia.

In addition, patients should pay attention to diet after hernia surgery. If gastrointestinal peristalsis is normal, drink water first to see if vomiting or other adverse conditions occur. If everything is normal, you can eat soft and digestible food normally. Moreover, during wound recovery, do not touch water, and pay attention to the dryness of the wound to avoid infection and inflammation of the wound.

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