Can honey treat gout?

Honey is a very common food, which is often used to soak in water for drinking, and has rich nutritional value. Gout will bring a lot of discomfort to patients. Besides receiving treatment, we should pay more attention to diet to avoid aggravation of the disease, and reasonable diet can promote the recovery of the disease. So, can honey treat gout?

Honey can’t treat gout, and drink honey carefully. The main component of honey is fructose, which is easily absorbed in the body, and then decomposed into uric acid, which will increase the concentration of uric acid, but is not conducive to disease recovery, especially in acute stage. It is best to drink less. In addition, patients with gout can’t eat foods with high purine content. Although honey is rich in nutritional value, it can be eaten properly because of its low purine content.

Gout patients should take a reasonable intake of carbohydrate, which can promote uric acid discharge, such as rice, steamed bread, pasta, etc., eat less salt, keep a light diet, and do not eat too many stimulating condiments.

For foods with high fructose content, patients should eat as little as possible to avoid accelerating uric acid production, and the intake of protein should also be limited. Usually, eating more alkaline foods, such as vegetables, potatoes and fruits, can reduce the acidity of urine. If there is nothing wrong with the body, there are many benefits to drinking honey. Honey has cosmetic effects, and it has good effects both for internal and external use.

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