Can horse oil go to scar?

Everyone attaches great importance to their own image, and if there are scars on their bodies, they all want to eliminate them, especially the scars exposed to the outside, which will greatly affect their beauty. At present, there are many scar-removing products, and there are some medical scar-removing methods, such as laser scar-removing. So, can horse oil get rid of scars?

Horse oil can remove scars. There are many unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E in horse oil. Unsaturated fatty acids can moisturize and diminish inflammation, remove scars and treat fire injuries. Vitamins can fade scars and remove acne marks. However, if you use horse oil to remove scars, you should stick to it for a long time.

Applying horse oil has the effect of beauty beauty. After washing your face, don’t use any cosmetics first, but directly apply horse oil, and then massage it so that it can be completely absorbed by your skin. Wait until the next morning, rinse with clear water, and put on makeup directly after washing. Don’t forget to care for the neck when using horse oil to care for your face. You can apply hot compress with a towel for two minutes after applying horse oil.

Besides removing scars, horse oil can also improve rough skin and fine lines, and has the effect of repairing skin. If you crush the pimples and acne on your face, and immediately apply horse oil after removing the purulent blood, you can accelerate the healing of the wound without leaving scars.

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