Can horse oil remove chloasma?

Many women in life use horse oil, which is a kind of animal oil and has very strong penetrability. Some people use it to remove spots. Many people think that products like horse oil, if it has the effect of removing spots, should be false propaganda of merchants. Then, let’s see if horse oil can remove chloasma.

Horse oil has a certain inhibitory effect on stains, but we should understand that it is not a professional freckle removing product, and its effect will not be too obvious. Horse oil is a safe oil used by Japanese, which is rich in nutrients and natural, and there is also a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, and then vitamin E, so that horse oil can penetrate into very small gaps, drive away çİş gas in skin, and penetrate into subcutaneous tissue, so as to keep the skin in a healthy state. However, it should be noted that sensitive skin cannot be used.

If women have chloasma, they should also go to the dermatology department of the hospital for treatment. Only professional treatment can inhibit the formation of chloasma and eliminate it slowly. Using skin care products like horse oil has no effect and may delay the best treatment opportunity. Horse oil can not only inhibit stains, but also relieve dermatitis and scald.

If women use horse oil, they should master the correct usage, and use it in the morning and evening, especially in the evening, which can be better absorbed by the skin. They can apply it with a hot towel and then use horse oil to promote absorption.

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