Can I do B-ultrasound after ten days’ suspension to see if I am pregnant?

During pregnancy preparation, once menstruation is delayed, women may be pregnant, but because the pregnancy time is relatively short, they are worried that they will not go to the hospital for examination. So can you do B-ultrasound for ten days after menopause to check whether you are pregnant? Let’s get to know it together!

If women usually have regular menstruation, and they come to menstruation every 28 days to 30 days or so, if menstruation is delayed for 10 days, we can see whether there is a pregnancy sac through B-ultrasound. If you do vaginal B-ultrasound, you can check it out if your menstruation is delayed for about 2~3 days.

If women have irregular menstruation at ordinary times, they can go to the hospital for examination after delaying for about 10 days. If B-ultrasound can’t see the gestational sac, they can directly test blood hcg. If human chorionic gonadotropin index rises, it will prove that they are pregnant. If the human chorionic gonadotropin index does not rise, it proves that there is no pregnancy, but menstruation is delayed due to irregular menstruation, which requires examination and treatment.

If the chorionic gonadotropin level exceeds 2000 after examination, but the B-ultrasound does not see the gestational sac, it is very likely that it is ectopic pregnancy. Extrauterine pregnancy is very dangerous for women. For example, once the gestational sac is enlarged and ruptured in tubal pregnancy, massive bleeding may occur, which may lead to life-threatening of women. It can be further examined, and once it is confirmed that it is ectopic pregnancy, it is necessary to choose surgical treatment or conservative treatment.

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