Can I drink after abortion?

Many people have the habit of drinking at ordinary times, especially when friends have dinner or meet happy things, they will celebrate by drinking. However, because the alcohol content in wine is relatively high, not everyone can drink, so special attention should be paid at ordinary times. Can you drink after the abortion?

After abortion, you can’t drink alcohol, which will contain a lot of alcohol, and alcohol has the effects of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis and dilating blood vessels. Drinking alcohol after abortion will easily cause massive body bleeding, and even lead to massive body bleeding, leading to anemia, which is not only unfavorable to the recovery of endometrium, but also seriously harmful to women’s health.

The taste of wine is spicy and irritating, which is easy to cause inflammatory reaction of the body. If women drink after abortion, it will also increase the probability of uterine infection after muscle surgery, so it is best for women not to drink after abortion. In addition to not drinking, women should also pay attention to avoid drinking coffee, soda, strong tea and other drinks, so as not to cause adverse stimulation and influence on the body.

After the abortion, women should take good care of themselves, don’t stay up late, and eat more healthy and nutritious foods, such as fish and shrimp, eggs, milk, bean products, vegetables, fruits and vegetables, etc., so as to supplement more nutrients for the body, which will help the recovery of the body. During this period, it is also forbidden to share a room, and pay attention to the cleanliness of the lower body to prevent infection.

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