Can I drink barley tea for a cold?

After catching a cold, my body always feels very uncomfortable. Sometimes I feel very uncomfortable, but I really want to drink something to help quench my thirst. For example, some patients want to drink barley tea during a cold, but they are worried that they can’t drink it. Can they drink barley tea for a cold?

You can drink barley tea. Drinking barley tea properly will not affect the recovery of a cold. Moreover, barley tea is helpful for digestion, has the effect of clearing away heat and toxic materials, and is also helpful for physical recovery. Therefore, you can drink barley tea in moderation during a cold. Besides barley tea, you can also drink more warm water, so that the cold can get better faster.

During a cold, you can not only drink barley tea, but also chrysanthemum tea, honeysuckle tea and other drinks, because they all have the functions of clearing away heat and toxic materials, especially for wind-heat colds. If it’s a cold, it’s best to drink less of these heat-clearing and detoxicating drinks, and you can drink brown sugar and Jiang Shui, which is helpful for dispelling cold.

If the cold is serious, there is no way to cure it by diet therapy, so it is best to take anti-cold drugs for treatment. If the symptoms of fever appear, it is necessary to take oral antipyretic drugs to help cool down. For the more serious cold, repeated high fever has already appeared, so it is necessary to actively go to the hospital for examination to see what causes it.

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