Can I drink milk tea after giving birth?

At present, milk tea is just hot. Every tea shop will produce new products in almost one or two months. Milk tea has become a favorite drink. Some people need to drink milk tea every day. If they don’t drink it, they will feel uncomfortable. In fact, some treasure mothers who have just given birth love to drink milk tea. So, can you drink milk tea when you have just given birth?

After giving birth, women are weak and need confinement to recuperate and recover. If they don’t pay attention to nursing during the confinement, they are easily attacked by diseases, and the diseases occurring during the confinement are called lunar diseases. In order to avoid the invasion of diseases, women should be cared for in all directions.

Caffeine in milk tea will make nerves excited, which is not conducive to sleep, will affect the quality of sleep, and then hinder the recovery of the body. In addition, many women need to breastfeed their babies, and their babies will take milk tea through milk. This will also cause the baby to get excited. Milk tea contains tannic acid, which will affect iron absorption. Therefore, women who have just given birth should not drink milk tea.

During the month, you can drink boiled water or brown sugar water. Women should choose liquid and digestible food, such as egg flower soup or millet soup. After delivery, the uterus and ovaries need to recover. Women can also drink nutritious soup for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and choose appropriate stew supplements on the advice of doctors.

In order to make the body recover faster, women can also drink pig’s trotters soup, which can promote lactation. In addition, you can eat more fruits, which are rich in nutrition and can achieve good physical conditioning.

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