Can I drink milk tea with fever?

Fever is a common physical symptom, which is caused by many reasons. If the body has a fever, we need to choose the appropriate cooling method according to the body temperature. I believe everyone has had milk tea, which is very popular among people. So, can I drink milk tea with fever?

It’s best not to drink milk tea when you have a fever. Although it contains some nutrients and tastes delicious, it contains tea polyphenols, which can excite the nerves and easily lead to emotional excitement and excitement of patients, which will affect the rest of patients with fever and is very unfavorable for their physical recovery.

Milk tea contains a lot of sugar, which may cause throat discomfort after drinking, such as cough and excessive phlegm. If everyone’s fever is caused by a cold, they should not drink milk tea. Because you cough when you have a cold, drinking milk tea will easily lead to aggravation of cough symptoms.

Patients with fever are best suited to drink plain boiled water, which helps to cool down. Moreover, fever consumes a lot of water, and patients can prevent dehydration and electrolyte disturbance by drinking more boiled water. You can also eat some heat-clearing and detoxicating fruits, such as kiwi fruit, Sydney and water chestnut. This can not only supplement nutrients, but also improve the symptoms of dry mouth, dry throat and boring mouth.

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