Can I drink with a mild cold?

If you don’t pay attention at ordinary times, you may catch a cold. At this time, you will feel weak and have runny nose and cough. Nasal congestion and other symptoms, sometimes have a fever. After catching a cold, everyone should pay more attention to rest and try to eat easily digestible food. So, can you drink with a mild cold?

You can’t drink when you have a cold. Even if you have a mild cold, you’d better not drink. Because the immune system is disordered when you catch a cold, if you drink alcohol, it is not conducive to the recovery of immunity, and it is easy to prolong the course of disease. Moreover, gastrointestinal function decreases after a cold, and gastrointestinal discomfort is easy to appear after drinking.

Many people take some cold medicines when they catch a cold. If there is inflammation, antibiotics will be taken orally. Many cold medicines contain cephalosporins. If you drink alcohol at this time, disulfiram-like reaction may occur, which will bring life danger to patients. It should be noted that after taking cephalosporins, you should never drink alcohol.

When you have a cold, you should rest more and try not to drink. Moreover, we should pay attention to the increase of clothes. If you catch cold when you catch a cold, it will aggravate the adverse symptoms and may cause fever. In addition, cold patients need to drink more plain boiled water, which can improve throat discomfort. If you have a fever when you catch a cold, you should pay attention to reducing the fever in time.

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