Can I eat dried persimmons during weight loss?

Because it is difficult to lose weight, special attention should be paid to diet, because eating too sweet or eating foods with too high fat content will make your weight rebound, so can you eat dried persimmon during weight loss?

Persimmon is a common traditional snack in China, which has very high edible value. However, the calorie of persimmon is relatively high, and eating one is equivalent to eating a bowl and a half of rice. Therefore, if you want to keep in shape during weight loss, it is best not to eat persimmon, but eating a small amount of persimmon will not have much effect, so you can eat some persimmon during weight loss.

Many patients who are losing weight think that persimmon itself has a certain laxative effect, so eating some dried persimmons can achieve this effect, which will not lead to weight gain. However, in fact, the heat of persimmon is about 110 kilocalories, and the heat of dried persimmons is more than three times that of persimmon. If the weight has exceeded the standard, it is necessary to lose weight, so patients had better not eat dried persimmons during weight loss.

People who lose weight are not saying that they can’t eat dried persimmon, but if their weight has already exceeded the standard and their health is not particularly good, then it is best to eat dried persimmon during the day, because the human body will have a certain amount of activity during the day, and eating dried persimmon at night will be difficult to digest, which will make sugar and heat accumulate in the body and make fat more difficult to lose.

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