Can I eat eggs during a cold?

Eggs are common ingredients in life, which are rich in protein and other nutrients. Eating 1-2 eggs every day is good for human body. However, when the seasons change, people with poor health tend to catch a cold, sometimes causing symptoms of coughing and sneezing, which requires more care. So, can you eat eggs during a cold?

Whether you can eat eggs during a cold depends on your personal situation. If a cold is accompanied by fever symptoms, you should not eat eggs. Because the digestion of gastrointestinal tract is weakened, eating too many eggs may not digest, so this kind of patients should not eat eggs. If there is no fever, if the cold is mild, you can eat an appropriate amount of eggs, and try your best to choose nutritional methods, such as making egg soup or steamed egg custard, which is easier to digest.

Pay more attention to diet during a cold, and choose the right food, which will help your body recover. For example, radish is not only cheap, but also has high nutritional value. It is rich in various vitamins, which can improve your immunity. Eating radish when you catch a cold will help ease the situation of getting angry and effectively relieve sore throat.

During a cold, you can also drink some chicken soup. There are many cooking methods of chicken soup, such as combining radish with chicken soup, or adding some Chinese herbal medicines. Drinking chicken soup can nourish your body, improve your resistance to germs, and at the same time supplement your energy.

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