Can I exercise with a mild cold?

Cold is one of the most susceptible diseases, which not only has a high incidence, but also can be divided into many different types. Usually, the symptoms of influenza and viral cold will be more serious. But when suffering from cold and wind-heat cold, all kinds of adverse symptoms will be lighter. So, can you exercise if you have a mild cold?

Mild colds can be exercised, but vigorous exercise is not allowed. Because there are symptoms of fatigue when catching a cold, strenuous exercise will aggravate the symptoms of physical discomfort. At this time, you can choose some soothing sports, such as walking and yoga.

Many people keep running when they have a cold, which is wrong. Because running consumes a lot of energy, it may make the immune system unable to get enough energy, which will easily reduce the ability of the immune system, for example, the speed of virus elimination is slow, which will lead to prolonged recovery time.

When people catch a cold, they should rest as much as possible and supplement nutrition. For a mild cold, you can avoid taking medicine, and usually you can recover in a week or so. Patients with colds must keep warm at ordinary times. If they catch cold, they will probably aggravate their symptoms and even develop into a bad cold. In addition, you should drink plenty of plain boiled water when you catch a cold, which can relieve the symptoms of throat discomfort and promote the discharge of sputum.

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