Can I go to work two weeks after induced labor?

For pregnant women after 12 weeks of pregnancy, if they need to terminate their pregnancy, they should adopt the method of induced labor, which will have a certain impact on themselves, so we should know more about matters needing attention. So, can we go to work two weeks after induced labor?

You can go to work two weeks after induction of labor. If you are still weak and have a lot of work, you can also rest for a long time. You are in good health at ordinary times, and you have recovered well after induction of labor, and you can go to work two weeks later. If there are special circumstances, women should rest for at least seven days before they can work again. If they are too tired, it is not conducive to the recovery of the body. The induced labor operation will not only damage the uterus, but also have a certain impact on the body. It is recommended to stay in bed after induced labor.

Even if you have recovered, you can go to work in the company, but you should also avoid doing heavy work and not overwork, so as not to affect your health. Women are not allowed to have sex within one month, so as not to infect bacteria and affect their own health. When you can have sex, you should also pay attention to contraception. Premature pregnancy can easily lead to miscarriage.

The risk of induced labor operation is relatively high, and there are more complications, which will affect fertility. Therefore, women should go to regular hospitals, doctors are experienced and the methods of induced labor are appropriate, which ensures the safety of operation and reduces the possibility of bleeding infection.

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