Can I have a medical abortion when I am ten weeks pregnant?

If most people find out that they are pregnant when they are married or are about to get married, they usually choose to give birth. However, some people are not ready to be parents, so they will choose to abort their children after accidentally discovering that they are pregnant. So can you have a medical abortion after ten weeks of pregnancy?

Generally speaking, drug abortion can be selected within 50 days of pregnancy, while 10 weeks has exceeded 50 days, so in principle, drug abortion is not recommended. Normally, abortion can only be selected after less than seven weeks of intrauterine pregnancy, and abortion is recommended after less than 10 weeks. Therefore, in principle, if abortion is performed after 10 weeks of pregnancy, it is not recommended to choose medical abortion.

If drug flow is used at this time, incomplete flow is likely to occur. Once abortion is incomplete, it is necessary to perform palace cleaning operation. Excision surgery will do more harm to women’s health, so it is suggested that careful consideration should be given before choosing. It is best to consult a doctor and judge how to choose according to the doctor’s advice and specific examination.

Therefore, it is suggested that if you don’t want children, you must make plans as soon as possible. The longer the delay, the greater the risk of surgery and the harm to your health. After the abortion operation, we must do a good job of postoperative care, have a good rest, and don’t be too tired. If you don’t have a good rest, it will have an impact on your health.

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