Can I keep fit for two months after delivery?

Although it hurts, the body is easy to recover after delivery. There are not many things to pay attention to after natural delivery, and natural delivery also has many benefits for babies. You can get out of bed the next day after delivery, and you can do some housework one month later. Can you keep fit two months after delivery?

Two months after delivery, you can keep fit. However, you can only do some slight exercises, such as jogging or cycling. Only after three months can you do some strenuous exercise. Don’t do strenuous exercise too early, for fear that there will be sequelae that will affect your health in the future.

After delivery, it is necessary to have a good rest, because natural delivery consumes a lot of physical strength and energy, and it will be very tired after delivery, so it is necessary to have a good rest to supplement physical strength. At the same time, we should adjust our mentality and avoid depression or sadness, otherwise it will lead to postpartum depression.

After delivery, we must pay attention to diet, eat nutritious, digestible and non-irritating food, especially drink more soup, which will help milk secretion. Pay attention to personal hygiene, lochia will be discharged after delivery, change sanitary napkins frequently, and pay attention to dryness and cleanness of vulva. You can get out of bed the next day after giving birth, which is helpful for recovery.

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