Can I lose my face if my lower wisdom teeth are pulled out?

Many people don’t want wisdom teeth, but they can’t avoid them. Some people grow wisdom teeth very early, while some people will not grow wisdom teeth no matter how old they are. Others have four wisdom teeth at once. I believe most people want their wisdom teeth removed. So, can you lose your face when you pull out your lower wisdom teeth?

Can the wisdom teeth of the lower teeth become thinner

Actually, it is not possible, because a person’s face is mainly determined by his jaw. It’s just that pulling out a few wisdom teeth will change the face of the human body very little, even without any change. Therefore, pulling out wisdom teeth will not have the effect of face reduction. Advise female friends not to listen to rumors at will.

What kind of wisdom teeth should be extracted

Wisdom teeth usually grow after the age of 16, but some people don’t. If the wisdom teeth are not too crooked and have corresponding occlusal wisdom teeth, they don’t need to be pulled out. At this time, there will be no toothache. However, if the wisdom teeth are decayed, there is no remedy, and they can only be pulled out to prevent the wisdom teeth from causing other teeth to decay. Wisdom teeth that have no teeth should also be pulled out, because such wisdom teeth are very painful.

If you encounter impacted wisdom teeth, you should also pull them out, otherwise it will cause some oral inflammation. Generally speaking, if wisdom teeth hurt, it means it has caused some damage to other teeth, so it is best to pull them out at this time to avoid more pain in the future.

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