Can I ring just after abortion?

After living in the same room, if there is no contraception in time, women will be afraid of unexpected pregnancy. If this happens, many women will have abortion. However, in order to avoid getting pregnant again, they will consider going to Sheung Wan. However, can you just have abortion?

Just after abortion, it is not recommended to ring, and the uterus is still in an open state. Releasing the ring will easily cause the IUD to move down or fall off, which may also affect the uterine contraction and prolong the bleeding time. Therefore, it is recommended that women do not ring immediately. You can wait 3-7 days after menstruation is clean to avoid bleeding.

Before the operation in Sheung Wan, it is necessary to check that there is no gynecological inflammation. In order to avoid infection, it is best to prohibit sexual intercourse and have a proper rest just a few days after Sheung Wan. Because the uterus is loose, the contraceptive ring is easy to fall off. Women should eat nutritious food and pay attention to the cleanliness of vulva.

If women want to take a bath, they should not take a bath, so as not to cause intrauterine infection. It is normal for women to have lower abdomen discomfort and vaginal bleeding on the day after going to Sheung Wan. After the ring is not safe, women can check regularly to see if the IUD will fall off, and do a good job of reexamination to see if the ring is in place. If the size of the IUD is not in conformity with or is displaced, the contraceptive effect will not be achieved.

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