Can I run 100 days after delivery?

After giving birth, women need a long enough time to recover their vitality, especially in the first month, they need to avoid all kinds of food and living conditions, and after proper recovery, they can do some exercise, so can they run for 100 days after delivery?

Actually, women’s physical recovery is also related to women’s personal physical quality. Some people discharge lochia very quickly, so they can recover quickly and reach normal physical level quickly, and they can also recover their bodies through proper exercise. However, if the body is still weak and the abdomen is uncomfortable, it is recommended not to run violently, which may easily cause bleeding and other adverse conditions.

The mother who gave birth usually can start running without any abnormal condition after discharging lochia. At this time, it is best to start from walking slowly to jogging, and gradually increase the amount of exercise, so that the body can have a time to adapt. Try to give priority to recovery during running, the amount of running needs to be controlled, and be vigilant at ordinary times, so as not to fall, which will often leave future troubles.

Aerobic exercise is a good choice for recovery, but it also takes a long time to adapt. Do not covet the amount of training, and the recovery of the body should be gradual. It’s better to have peace of mind during the confinement period, and it’s not too late to take exercise again after the body is well. Moreover, the baby is in lactation and needs breast milk to moisten her, so her mother must take good care of her body.

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