Can I run an hour after dinner?

Proper physical exercise can not only make your body better and better, but also be good for your health. People who exercise regularly can improve their immunity and make their body younger. Sweating during exercise can accelerate the blood circulation of the skin. Therefore, people who exercise for a long time have a better skin condition than those who do not exercise. Then, let’s learn about running one hour after a meal.

Exercise properly one hour after a meal, but don’t run. If you run, you’d better wait until two hours after a meal. Running after a meal is bad for the stomach, and it will affect digestion and lead to gastroptosis after a long time. Therefore, if you want to run, it is best to run two hours before or after a meal, but if you are walking or brisk walking, you can do it one hour after a meal. Because the frequency of running and brisk walking is different, the exercise time after a meal is different.

Be sure to warm up before running. You can warm up by raising your legs or running in place, mobilize your muscles and move your joints apart, so as to avoid the damage to your joints during running. After running, you can do some stretching exercises, which can relax your muscles and relieve muscle pain. It is best not to run on asphalt roads or cement roads, which are too hard and bad for knee joints. In addition, you must choose comfortable shoes when running, and it is best to have shockproof function, so as not to cause harm to your body.

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