Can I see the cervix during internal examination?

When many women do gynecological examination, in order to accurately find out their health status and rule out the possibility of some gynecological diseases, doctors sometimes take gynecological internal examination to understand the health status of women’s vagina and cervix. Can internal examination see the cervix?

Endoscope is used to open the vagina of women during gynecological examination, which exposes the cervix of women. Therefore, the cervix can be seen during internal examination. Internal examination is also a common gynecological examination method, which can play a role in screening cervical cancer. Through examination, we can also know whether cervical epithelial lesions occur. Women should insist on doing some related examinations every year to prevent cervical cancer.

If women find cervical epithelial lesions during gynecological internal examination, they need to be given relative symptomatic treatment as soon as possible, so as to prevent the disease from worsening and achieve effective prevention and treatment of cervical cancer. If the examination finds that there are other abnormal conditions in the cervix, it is necessary to further do other related gynecological examinations, confirm the disease and then take treatment measures.

In order to prevent the occurrence of some cervical diseases, some women and married women who have had a history of sexual life should go to the hospital for cervical cancer screening every year to prevent the occurrence of such diseases, so as not to cause greater harm to the body. However, some women may be prone to contact bleeding during internal examination because of the hard cervical texture, which requires women to do local nursing work in time afterwards to prevent infection.

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