Can I sleep on the right side when I am 38 weeks pregnant?

It’s 38 weeks pregnant, so pregnant women must be more careful during this period, otherwise, an carelessness may cause accidents. Of course, after 38 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women should make preparations for childbirth, and also need to adjust their mood, so as not to be nervous and anxious. Of course, sleeping posture is also very important at this time. So, can I sleep on the right side after 38 weeks of pregnancy?

The right sleeping position is ok at the 38th week of pregnancy. After all, it is already 38th week of pregnancy. At this time, the pregnant woman’s abdomen is still swollen and the pressure on the abdomen is even greater. If you choose to sleep on your back at the 38th week of pregnancy, it will put more pressure on your abdomen, so it will be more comfortable for pregnant women to sleep on their side at this time.

Of course, pregnant women can decide whether to take the left sleeping posture or the right sleeping posture according to their personal habits and comfort. At this time, the pillow for pregnant women can also be used, which can support the waist of pregnant women to a certain extent, which can improve the sleep of pregnant women to a certain extent.

Whether pregnant women sleep on the left side or on the right side, they should pay attention to the time limit, that is to say, this position cannot last long. It is best to change the sleeping posture on the left and right sides in turn. After all, keeping the sleeping posture on one side for a long time is likely to cause abnormal symptoms such as soreness in the waist and abdomen.

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