Can I take a bath with a cold?

The incidence of colds is very high, and most people suffer from colds once or twice a year. After catching a cold, patients will have symptoms such as stuffy nose, cough and sneezing. There are many types of colds. If you catch a cold, you will catch a cold. So, can you take a bath if you have a cold?

You can take a bath when you have a cold, but you must keep warm. When people with colds take a bath, the water temperature should be higher, which is helpful to dispel the cold and improve the bad symptoms, which is helpful for the recovery of their bodies. After bathing, everyone should dry their bodies in time, and their hair should be dried with a water blower.

Bathing time for patients with colds should not be too long, but should be kept at about 10-15 minutes. Because patients with colds are weak, taking a hot bath for too long may cause dizziness, chest tightness and other adverse symptoms. In addition, you should never take a cold bath when you catch a cold, otherwise it will aggravate your cold and even cause fever.

Colds are divided into many types, and colds are very common, which are usually caused by the invasion of cold viruses after catching cold. At this time, patients can drink some ginger and brown sugar water, which can dispel wind and cold, and improve the adverse symptoms caused by colds.

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