Can I take a hot bath with fever?

Fever often occurs in life. Many people sweat a lot after fever, which makes people feel sticky and uncomfortable. At this time, patients with fever often want to take a hot bath to clean their sweat. Would you like to ask if you can take a hot bath with fever?

Patients with fever can take a hot bath as long as their body temperature is not higher than 38℃. Taking a hot bath can achieve the effect of physical cooling. Bathing can help patients with fever to lower their body surface temperature, contribute to the decrease of body temperature during fever, and help to reduce fever. However, care should be taken not to take a bath for too long. It is best to take a full term of 20 minutes, so as to avoid discomfort such as dizziness and fatigue caused by too long time.

In addition, if the fever symptoms of a cold patient are serious, accompanied by symptoms of weakness of limbs and dizziness and headache, it is necessary to avoid taking a bath as far as possible, so as not to cause disorder of nerve center, and also increase the consumption of physical strength, which will easily lead to aggravation of illness. Therefore, patients with fever should consider whether to take a hot bath when they have a fever according to their physical symptoms.

Also, when taking a bath, you should pay attention to the proper temperature of the bathroom, try not to open the window, to avoid the aggravation of fever symptoms caused by cold wind stimulation, but pay attention to the ventilation of the bathroom to avoid hypoxia. After taking a bath, patients should also dry their water in time, and wear clean and warm clothes as soon as possible to avoid catching cold.

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