Can I take a shower and wash my hair with a cold?

When people catch a cold, although most of them can recover in about a week, they are more uncomfortable during the cold. Patients usually have sneezing, stuffy nose and runny nose. And after suffering from a cold, there will be poor appetite. So, can you take a bath and wash your hair if you have a cold?

You can take a bath and wash your hair when you have a cold, but patients need to keep warm. If there is a cold, cold situation, it is easy to make the cold worse. If you catch a cold and have a fever, taking a bath is also conducive to lowering your body temperature, which can effectively improve the symptoms of fever.

There are many types of colds. If you have the common cold, the symptoms are mild, which has no great influence on your life and work. In normal times, everyone should pay more attention to rest, ensure the quality of sleep, and drink more water. Usually, the body can recover in a week or so.

If you have a viral cold or flu, the symptoms will be more serious than the common cold, and it is easy to cause fever. At this time, people need to take cold medicines to relieve the symptoms. If there is still fever, it is necessary to lower the temperature. Generally, when the fever is low, it can be cooled by using antipyretic stickers and taking a warm bath. For severe fever symptoms, take antipyretics in time. And when necessary, need medical treatment.

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