Can I take cold medicine after drinking?

When the weather is bad, most people will have symptoms of a cold if they don’t pay attention to their clothes. Because a cold is really a small disease, many people will not go to the hospital directly after a cold, but choose to buy some cold medicines for treatment. However, during taking cold medicines, they may also need to drink for some work reasons. So can I take cold medicine after drinking?

It is recommended not to take cold medicine after drinking. Taking cold medicine after drinking may increase the burden on the liver, which may lead to acute liver injury in severe cases. Moreover, alcohol and cold medicine will bring irritation to gastrointestinal mucosa. At the same time, it may cause acute gastritis, gastric ulcer and gastrointestinal bleeding in severe cases.

Alcohol can also inhibit the metabolism of some cold medicines, so drug poisoning is easy to occur. In addition, cephalosporin drugs should be taken special care not to be eaten. When these drugs are touched with alcohol, adverse reactions will occur. In severe cases, heart failure will also occur, which is a very serious situation.

Similarly, if you take cephalosporins, you can’t drink Huoxiang Zhengqi Water or other things, otherwise it will lead to adverse reactions. It is suggested that you should not drink alcohol in the process of taking medicine. If you must drink alcohol, you should stop taking medicine.

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