Can I take medicine for abortion in 60 days?

As we all know, drug abortion is harmful to the health, and the success rate of drug abortion is not 100%. Because everyone’s physique is different, not everyone is suitable for drug abortion. At the same time, drug abortion is also closely related to the number of days of pregnancy. So can you take medicine abortion after 60 days of pregnancy?

Normally, you can rely on drugs for abortion after 60 days of pregnancy, but it is suggested that you should go to a regular hospital for a B-ultrasound examination before relying on drug flow, and observe the size of pregnant women’s mother’s pregnancy sac. If everything is normal after diagnosis, you can have drug abortion, but the drugs you take must follow the doctor’s advice.

It should be noted that medication must be taken in the hospital during medical abortion, and stay in the hospital for observation in a short time, because medical abortion is likely to cause certain bleeding. In order to avoid danger, it is recommended to have abortion in the hospital to ensure safety, and then go home to recuperate after the physical recovery.

No matter what abortion method you choose, it is a way to terminate pregnancy. At the same time, you should pay attention to keeping warm after medical abortion. At the same time, medical abortion is harmful to women’s health. Therefore, after medical abortion, you should pay attention to rest, at the same time, you should also supplement your blood properly. You can take some foods rich in iron in your diet and stay in bed.

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