Can I wash the water after the medicine flows?

Many women who have induced abortion do not pay attention to conditioning and conditioning after abortion, which affects their physical and mental health and even affects their future pregnancy. So, can you shower the water after the medicine flows?

Don’t touch cold water after the medicine flows. If you need to wash your hair in a few days, pay attention not to touch cold water to avoid catching cold. After abortion, the uterus needs a period of time to recover. After abortion, the body will become weaker and even anaemic. Eat more fish, eggs and fresh fruits and vegetables. Strengthen nutrition and eat more foods rich in vitamins.

One month after abortion, do not work too hard, but do some slight physical activities. Once overworked, it will cause uterine prolapse, which will have a great impact on women’s health. Proper exercise and occasional walking also contribute to the recovery of uterus. Be sure to keep warm. It’s best to stay in bed for a few days and need a proper rest for 1-2 weeks. Because of the low immunity after drug abortion, it is necessary to improve immunity and prevent other diseases. We should also pay attention to personal hygiene and keep the indoor environment clean.

In addition, you must not have sex so quickly after medical abortion. At this time, the uterus is still weak. If you have sex, it is easy to bring in the corresponding germs, causing bacterial infection, which has a great impact on women’s health.

After the operation, patients need to stay in hospital for one hour. Those who have no tissue secretion should be examined 2 weeks after taking the medicine. During the period, attention should be paid to whether there is tissue secretion when urinating. Urine should be sent once a week for pregnancy test. Ovulation may resume soon after abortion. Contraceptive measures should be taken to avoid getting pregnant again.

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