Can I wash with hot water if I am allergic?

Allergy is a very common skin problem in our life, and it is also possible that such a problem may happen to us for our own reasons or some external reasons. However, when skin is allergic, there are many taboos. Can you wash it with hot water if you are allergic?

When the patient has an allergic reaction, try not to take a bath, especially do not use hot water for scalding. Because it is easy to cause the surface moisture to evaporate too quickly during bathing, it will also wash away the cortex of the skin protective layer. Although the skin seems to be clean on the surface, it may also lead to the weakening of skin protection function or slight damage, thus aggravating the allergic phenomenon.

What matters should be paid attention to in skin allergy?

1. Avoid scratching. For patients with skin allergy, besides not taking a bath with hot water, they should also avoid scratching. Because many patients have allergic reactions, it is easy to cause itchy skin, so they are used to scratching with their hands. This habit will not only lead to further infection, but also may lead to aggravation of allergy.

2. Avoid contact with chemicals. When the skin is allergic, try not to come into contact with chemicals, otherwise it will easily cause symptoms and become more serious.

3. Avoid using drugs indiscriminately. Many patients have allergies, which means that their resistance is poor. If some drugs are used indiscriminately during this period, it will not only fail to achieve the purpose of treatment, but also may lead to more serious skin allergy.

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