Can I wear a mask for facial folliculitis?

Folliculitis is no stranger to everyone, and it is a common skin disease. If you have folliculitis, the patient’s skin will feel itchy, so you can’t scratch it with your hands, otherwise it will aggravate the condition. Folliculitis can affect the beauty, so many patients are reluctant to go out or want to wear masks when going out. So, can I wear a mask for facial folliculitis?

1. folliculitis is generally caused by bacteria. It is ok for patients to wear masks when going out to avoid re-infection of bacteria, and it can also play a protective role. However, patients with folliculitis should also pay attention to the ventilation of the affected area. When the weather is hot, try not to wear a mask for a long time.

2, suffering from folliculitis, do not eat spicy, greasy, irritating food, eat more vegetables and fruits and other foods with high vitamin content, and keep defecation smooth. Chrysanthemum, balsam pear tea and mung bean soup are all good fire-fighting foods, which can be eaten during illness. Secondly, don’t stay up late and work and rest on time.

3. Scratching is prohibited for patients with folliculitis. When suffering from folliculitis, scratching is the main cause of secondary infection of folliculitis. Don’t scratch at all. If you don’t scratch consciously at night, you can wear gloves before going to bed. In this way, scratching won’t cause nails to scratch your skin.

The main reason why patients suffer from folliculitis is that their daily hygiene is not well done, such as cleaning their skin, staying up late, and not paying attention to their diet. Don’t be upset if you have folliculitis. Pay more attention to hygiene and keep a good mood in the future.

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