Can it work normally after drug flow?

Drug flow will cause certain harm, which needs careful conditioning. Women should not be careless. Under the guidance of doctors, they should adopt the correct method to abort. Otherwise, it is easy to have residual phenomenon and even cause many gynecological diseases. So, can the drug flow work normally?

After drug flow, women can work normally. When they start taking drugs, they usually have no symptoms. After that, they have to go to the hospital for examination. According to the doctor’s instructions, they will take other drugs. As the pregnancy sac is discharged, there will be vaginal bleeding accompanied by abdominal pain. At this time, they should rest at home until the amount of vaginal bleeding decreases, and they are not very tired when they go to work. If they just sit in the office, they can go to work.

To have a good rest, women need to pay more attention to every aspect before they can take good care of their bodies. The rest time of drug flow will take about 3-5 days, and even if they work again, they should take more rest. The length of recovery time is related to women’s own physique.

As long as there is perfect care, the body will recover quickly, and the bleeding time after drug flow will vary from person to person. In any case, before menstruation comes, it is best for women not to have sex, and it is easy for bacteria to enter the uterine cavity and cause infection. Women should do their own hygiene, clean the vulva every day, and use sanitary napkins of good quality.

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