Can kidney yin deficiency cause fever?

Nowadays, young people don’t pay much attention to the maintenance and nursing of their bodies, so they often suffer from overeating, high-oil and high-salt diet, and their sleep quality may not be good every day, and they often stay up late, which will cause obvious effects on their bodies, such as kidney deficiency. In fact, kidney deficiency will also lead to other symptoms, so can kidney yin deficiency lead to fever?

Under normal circumstances, if it is simply kidney yin deficiency, it will not cause fever. Although there may be some obvious symptoms, such as dry mouth, irritability, dizziness and tinnitus, these will not lead to fever, so if there is fever, it may be caused by other reasons.

So how should kidney yin deficiency be recuperated?

First, you can choose dietary supplements. You can eat more items that help nourish kidney yin, such as black beans, black sesame seeds, walnuts and yams.

Second, you can also do some proper sports to help exercise. For example, Tai Ji Chuan and yoga are all good, which do not consume too much physical strength, and are relatively easy to do.

Third, we should adjust our living habits, try not to stay up late, and then adjust our mentality.

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