Can long-term frequent micturition affect pregnancy?

If there are some abnormal phenomena in women’s body at ordinary times, they are worried that it will affect other aspects of their situation. For example, women who are preparing for pregnancy will worry about whether it will affect their pregnancy. Some women may have urgent micturition, frequent micturition and endless micturition at ordinary times, so they are worried about the situation that will affect their pregnancy. Will frequent micturition and endless micturition affect their pregnancy for a long time?

If there is frequent micturition only occasionally, it will not have much impact on pregnancy basically, but if this situation exists for a long time, it is likely to be caused by urinary tract infection, or it may be due to urethritis, which will probably affect pregnancy. Therefore, if such problems exist for a long time, we must check and treat them in time.

If a woman who has been successfully pregnant has frequent micturition, if the duration is not particularly long, it should not have much impact. It is likely that the uterus is compressed to the bladder after the fetus is enlarged, so there is no need to worry too much.

However, if such a condition already exists at the early or middle stage of pregnancy, it is recommended to do a detailed examination, because it is also likely to be caused by urethral infection, and it is safer to check.

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