Can medicine flow after 10 weeks of pregnancy?

If you are young when you are pregnant, or have no plans to get married, most people may choose abortion. Because the harm caused by drug flow is relatively small and the body will recover quickly, many people use this method. However, because some women’s menstruation is not regular, it may take a long time to find out that they are pregnant, and it may not be suitable for drug flow. So can drugs flow after 10 weeks of pregnancy?

10 weeks of pregnancy is not allowed to use drug flow, because this method has a more suitable time to carry out, about 5~7 weeks of pregnancy when drug flow is better. However, if we must choose the method of medical abortion, we may need to do a palace cleaning operation later.

This is because at the tenth week of pregnancy, the child is relatively old, and the probability of drug flow being clean is relatively small, so it is necessary to do palace cleaning operation again to remove the residual substances in the uterus. In addition, before the drug flow, it is necessary to make sure that you are a normal intrauterine pregnancy. If it is an ectopic pregnancy, abortion with drugs may lead to a large amount of vaginal bleeding, which will do great harm to women.

Therefore, in order to avoid abortion, the roommate should take contraceptive measures and pay more attention to whether his menstruation is normal.

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