Can mild hepatitis B be contagious?

Hepatitis B is a disease that people are very afraid of, because it not only does great damage to the liver, but also cannot be cured now. Most importantly, hepatitis B is contagious. When you have hepatitis B, you must receive treatment immediately in order to control the disease. So, is mild hepatitis B contagious?

Mild hepatitis B is contagious, while hepatitis B is highly contagious, and it will spread through blood, body fluids and sexual contact. Moreover, after a woman with hepatitis B is pregnant, she may transmit the disease to her baby. Therefore, after pregnancy, patients with hepatitis B must undergo blocking treatment, which can effectively prevent the fetus from being infected with hepatitis B..

If you want to prevent hepatitis B, the most effective way at present is vaccination. If someone in the family suffers from hepatitis B, family members need to be vaccinated as soon as possible, which can avoid being infected. And we should pay attention to, should be replanted every once in a while, to ensure that there are enough antibodies in the body.

Hepatitis B is a very serious disease, which will greatly damage the health of the liver. Although hepatitis B cannot be completely cured, active treatment of patients can control the development of the disease. If patients don’t pay attention to hepatitis B, it will easily worsen and even develop into cirrhosis, which will endanger life safety.

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