Can mild hepatitis B be cured?

Hepatitis B virus is difficult to be completely eliminated, and it takes a certain amount of time to cure it. Therefore, for patients, not only should they be treated and conditioned in time, but also they should have enough psychological preparation, so as to control their illness and avoid serious development of the disease. So, can mild hepatitis B be cured?

Mild hepatitis B can be cured, which can be restrained by drugs, and daily health care should be strengthened, so as to prevent the disease from worsening. As long as there is no malignant change in liver function, there is generally no big problem. For patients with chronic hepatitis B, the treatment time will be longer, and the treatment can not be interrupted, so as not to destroy the curative effect. After treatment, the liver function can be restored to normal. If there are signs of recurrence, anti-recurrence treatment should be carried out.

As long as all the indexes return to normal and can reach more than one year, the possibility of recurrence will be low. Patients with hepatitis B should keep optimistic, avoid the harm caused by bad emotions, and quit unhealthy lifestyles, such as excessive drinking and physical fatigue.

Patients should develop good living habits, adjust their diet well and prevent over-nutrition. It is best not to eat some foods that are harmful to the liver. Because the condition will change constantly, patients should have regular check-ups. Usually, they can eat more bean products, which contain a lot of nutrients and are of great help to the repair of liver cells.

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