Can mixed feeding dye hair?

Women have the nature of loving beauty, but many women have to give up some bad dresses for their babies during pregnancy, such as dyeing their hair, because they are afraid that the fetus will be affected to some extent after pregnancy. Now, after the baby is born, some Bao Ma can’t help but want to dye her hair. So can mixed feeding dye hair?

Hair dye contains certain chemical toxins. If Baoma dyes her hair during lactation, the chemical components in the hair dye paste will penetrate into the blood through Baoma’s scalp, which will affect her milk. Although it is mixed feeding, the smell of hair dye cream will also affect the baby to some extent, so Bao Ma should try not to dye her hair during lactation.

Hair dye contains a large number of chemical components. If Bao Ma dyes hair during lactation, these chemical components will infect the baby through the close contact between Bao Ma and the baby. In addition, the baby’s immunity is very low and its internal organs are delicate, so it is easy to cause diseases. Therefore, it is best for lactating women not to dye their hair.

Besides not dyeing hair, Bao Ma should try not to use cosmetics that have an impact on her baby. During lactation, everything of Bao Ma will affect the baby’s health, among which diet is also the key. During lactation, Bao Ma also tries not to eat spicy and stimulating food, which will also cause symptoms such as excessive internal heat to the baby through milk secretion.

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